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Published on:
13 July 2021
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Announcing #TeamDev for #TeamSinewave

As part of the launch of the new Sinewave Values in early 2021 the leadership team at Sinewave challenged themselves on how we back up the phase being 'people lead.'

The true answer is being people lead is a mixture. It includes behaviours, culture, listening and much more. So #TeamDev represents a part of that journey. Sinewave's leadership have allocated a budget, this year and for future years, specifically for the personal development of #TeamSinewave. The goal of the programme is to support our team in their learning ambitions be it a foreign language, sports coaching qualification or instructing in programs such as the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme.

The win/win for us would be supporting one of our team in gaining a qualification to support them giving back to their community such as youth sports coaching qualification but we are encouraging all of the team to apply for any initiative from our first application of mountain leaders workshop to other skills such as motorbike tests and more even cookery courses. All that is needed is a 5 minute presentation on the idea to the leadership including why it is important to the member of staff and sign off from their line manager. With each employee able to claim up to £700 in the next 12 months the options are incredible.

Sinewave are creating a people lead culture backing our values

As Sinewave grows and the projects we take on increase in complexity we want to reward our team for their efforts, and help them stay with us long term. We believe this creates a positive for both us and our clients. #TeamDev is one of the ways we give back, but not the only way.

Over the coming weeks we will release more information on #WhySinewave? when it comes to deciding your place of work! Watch this space.

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Announcing #TeamDev for #TeamSinewave

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